Office Phone Hours for the Main Phone Number (Monday through Friday):
8:30 AM to Noon and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM CT
Closed for lunch 12:00 to 1:00 PM


Instructions on Using the Trustee Telephone System: 214-855-9200

Click here for Instructions on Using the Trustee Telephone System

At anytime during this recording press zero (0) to reach a representative.

If you do not have a touch tone phone, please hold for the next available representative.

If you are calling from a touch tone phone and know the extension number of the person you wish to reach, enter the three digit extension numbers that begins with the number 2, now. Press 0: If you are calling regarding a New Case filing, a 341 Meeting of Creditors, Change of Address, Wage Order (Pre-Confirmation) or a Request to Incur New Debt Press 3: If you are calling regarding payment or general correspondence address

  • Select 1: For Payment address
  • Select 2: For General correspondence address

Marque 3: Si gustaria información sobre donde mandar la correspondencia o pagos en español, por favor marque el numero tres ahora. Press 4: If your call is regarding the Closing of a case. Press 5: If your call is regarding a Proof of Claim or Confirmation of a Case Press 6: If your call is regarding a Modification of Plan, Payment Delinquency, Interlocutory Order, Dismissal of a case, TRCC Hearing, Wage Order (Post-Confirmation) or Debtor’s Objection to Claim Hearing Press 7: If your call is regarding an ACH, ePay IRS refund, debtor refund or disbursement check Press 8: If you would like information on internet access to the Trustee’s Office Press 9: If you would like to reach our company directory


Correspondence/Office Address:
Tom Powers, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
105 Decker Ct, Suite 1150
Irving, TX 75062

Payment Address
Please note: Money Orders and Cashier Checks Only. No Personal Checks
Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
PO Box 1958
Memphis, TN 38101-1958

Paystubs & Wage Directives (Pre-Confirmation) , Tax Return copies for 341/Meeting of Creditors
Online: 13Documents
Fax: 214-969-0506

E-mail Tax Return copies for Annual Review/Refund process to:
Online: 13Documents
Fax: 214-855-1441

New Case/Customer Service Department
Online: 13Documents
Fax: 214-965-0754

Confirmation Department
Email Correspondence (No Attachments):
Online: 13Documents
Fax: 214-965-0756

Post-Confirmation Department (Modifications, I/O, Dismissals, Closings, TRCC, Wage Directives (Post-Confirmation)
Email Correspondence (No Attachments):
Online: 13Documents
Fax: 214-965-0757

Legal Department
Kimberlin Williams, Paralegal for Judge Jernigan and Hale cases
Tara Tankersley, Staff Attorney for Judge Hale cases
Stacy Pack Lipsey, Assistant to Trustee, Paralegal for Judge Houser cases
Online: 13Documents
Fax: 214-965-0758

Trust Funds, Expense Payment, ACH
Fax: 214-965-0755