Below is a general outline of typical deadlines in a Chapter 13 case. Local bankruptcy rules and other events could change this timeline.

    Within 180 days prior to filing Chapter 13
  • Debtor takes UST approved credit counseling course

  • *Number of days after filing Petition, unless noted otherwise



  • Petition filed by Debtor/Debtor Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Clerk notices Section 341 meeting for 35 to 50 days after petition file date.
  • Trustee Office notices Pre-Hearing Conference and Confirmation Docket Hearing not more than 45 days after 341 meeting date.

    • 1-15
    Debtor files required paperwork:

  • All required Schedules
  • Certificate that Debtor read and received required notice
  • Chapter 13 Plan
  • Authorization for Adequate Protection Disbursement (AAPD)
  • Form 22C-1 (Form 22C-2, if applicable) Statement of Currently Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period
  • Copies of last 60 days payment advices Trustee provides Notice to DSO holder and child support State Agency, if applicable

    • 1-30
    First Payment to Trustee due no later than 30 days after Petition File date (and each month thereafter until the Plan is completed).

  • If Payment is not made – Trustee sends Notice of Intent (NOI) to Dismiss case

    • 28-43
    7 days prior to the 341 Meeting of Creditors, Debtor send copies of Tax Returns or transcripts for the last 2 years.

    Trustee sends Notice of Intent (NOI) to Dismiss case for failure to file any required documents.

    341 Meeting of Creditors

  • Meeting concluded: case proceeds to Confirmation. The Trustee has 30 days from the concluded 341 meeting date to object to exemptions
  • If the 341 Meeting is adjourned:

  • Trustee will reset within 10 days to 2 weeks
  • No ID, Tax Returns or other docs – NOI sent
  • No Show – NOI sent

    • 45-60
  • Debtor files Amended Plan to reflect any changes as a result of the 341 meeting
  • Any Creditor objection to the Plan must be filed 7 days prior to the Confirmation Hearing Date.

    • 65-95
  • Pre-Hearing Conference to confirm the Plan.
  • Confirmation Docket/Hearing to confirm the Plan.

    • 90 (days after original date set for 341 meeting)
  • Claims Bar Date. 90 days after the original date set for the 341 meeting is the deadline for most creditors to file a Proof of Claim (POC)

    • 180
    Governmental Bar Date

  • Claims Bar Date. The deadline for Government Units to file a Proof of Claim. (POC)

    • After the Governmental Bar Date
    Trustee Recommendation Concerning Claims (TRCC) is prepared and noticed for pre-hearing date and court hearing date.

    Objections to TRCC filed

  • No response received – TRCC deemed allowed without hearing
  • Response received – pre hearing and/or court hearing held on TRCC
  • An objection to claim can be filed anytime throughout the plan with 33 days notice.

    • Dismissal
    A dismissal (an Order ending the bankruptcy before successful completion and discharge) may occur during the lifetime of a case for reasons that include but are not limited to: failure to file all required documents, to make Plan payments to the Trustee; to attend the 341 Meeting, or to provide Tax Return copies or other documents to the Trustee. Or the case can be dismissed voluntarily by the Debtor.

      Before Discharge
  • Trustee notifies holder of DSO and child support State Agency of: granting of discharge, last known address of the Debtor, last most recently known address of the Debtor’s employer

    • 3 to 5 years after filing
  • Discharge Order after payments made and Plan completed. Discharge may not be available in some cases due to timing of discharge received in a previous case; DSO payment status; no certification of completion for Personal Financial Management course.