Thomas D Powers, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
Dallas, Texas

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Tom Powers, Trustee
105 Decker Ct., Suite 1150
Irving, TX 75062
Tel: 214-855-9200

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Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
P.O. Box 1958
Memphis, TN 38101-1958


Office: 8:30am-4:00pm

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8:30am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-4:00pm



Message from the Trustee

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The Meeting of Creditors (Section 341 Meeting and Pre-Hearing Conferences)

The Section 341 Meeting of Creditors and Pre-Hearing Conferences are held by videoconference or directly with the Trustee’s Legal Staff. Please contact your attorney firm. Creditors and Pro Se filers should contact the Trustee’s Office.

Texas Homeowners Assistance Grants for Delinquent Property Taxes & Late Mortgage Payments

Please note that effective as of April 1, the TDHCA updated their policies related to the ARP/HAF program. According to TDHCA, the Department of Treasury has been monitoring their program and is promulgating these changes.

As of the effective date, qualified applicants will only be eligible to receive payment for delinquent taxes for years 2019, 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, IF the homeowner has delinquent taxes due for years prior to 2019, they must be paid before or concurrently with any payment of 2019, 2020 and 2021. If they are not paid the homeowner will not be eligible for funds through the program. Homeowner applications that are currently pending and that were filed prior to April 1 are still eligible for receipt of all years taxes under the program’s old rules.

Additionally, it was conveyed to us that the program may continue to be modified going forward and we will continue to provide updates as those modifications occur.
Please check with the TDHCA for additional information.

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BKDocuments – Secure Document Transmission Portal

The Trustee does not accept documents attached to an email. Documents can only be uploaded through a secure portal located at

If a document is required to be filed with the bankruptcy court, DO NOT upload it through BKDocuments

Guidance Concerning Emergency Rental Assistance Programs

Guidance Concerning Emergency Rental Assistance Programs
Guidance Concerning Emergency Rental Assistance Programs – Spanish

COVID-19 Fraud Alert

Perpetrators of COVID-19 and related fraud schemes may attempt to inform you that the trustee has changed their policy due to the pandemic and may direct you to make plan payments to the trustee using links provided by the perpetrator to consumer payment platforms such as Venmo and PayPal.

The only electronic payment system for active Chapter 13 debtors is through TFS Bill Pay. Click on the TFS Information link below to learn more about TFS Bill Pay or view our other payment options found under the Payment Tab.

Remember, the trustee will never call you or send you an email or letter that requires that you provide us with any personal or banking information. Should you receive any communication or telephone call requesting such information concerning your bankruptcy case, please notify your attorney and the trustee. Fraudulent communications will be referred to the Department of Justice for further investigation.

If you wish to make electronic payments to the Trustee, please register with TFS Bill Pay found under the Payment Tab on our website.

Inclement Weather Updates

Unless otherwise communicated, the Trustee Office will follow the guidance of the Dallas Independent School District when determining to close or delay opening of the office during inclement weather.

In the event of inclement weather during a DISD holiday, we will follow the Bankruptcy Court’s decision to open or delay. The Court’s information hotline is 214-753-2766.

In the rare situation in which DISD and the Court have a previously scheduled closing (not weather related), the Trustee Office’s closure or delayed opening will be posted via this website and/or by recorded message on the main number 214-855-9200.

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